The woman is as well as been shown to be devoted so you’re able to the girl household members to the stage regarding altruism

The woman is as well as been shown to be devoted so you’re able to the girl household members to the stage regarding altruism

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Sofia is an early woman just who stayed in a town which have their mother, Miranda. She got a dad, but the guy had destroyed within water. She will get royal after their mother’s remarriage toward Queen. Becoming new to the whole Princess heritage, Sofia attends the new Regal Preparing Academy where Flora, Fauna, and you can Merryweather let you know the lady the latest ropes on which becoming a Little princess is focused on. not, Sofia try trapped anywhere between a couple of texts-is being good Little princess on the situation services and products otherwise which have a good heart? It is up to their pet, led by the Clover this new bunny, and you may a strong, enchanting amulet, to put the girl towards street of the cardiovascular system.


Sofia was demonstrated to enjoys a-two-sided character: You to side is that regarding an excellent softhearted idealist. Sofia are proven to be really type and caring. The woman is in addition to ready to befriend some one the large most refute for anything to do with. She and thinks in common guarantees whatever the. She along with reveals the girl affections by giving the woman household members loving hugs. She and believes you to some thing being trouble free being a beneficial pleased something are exactly the same material.

Another edge of this lady identification is the fact regarding a hard-going pragmatist. Sofia are shown to be a good precocious girl just who believes the fresh new research is within the dessert. So it fuels a side of her that’s very investigative and you can skeptical. She will you will need to juggle over she will be able to handle, especially when it comes to the girl friends, and cost and also make by herself because multifaceted you could. So it front and offers this lady faith issues that build the girl go out-of for her individual in place of telling individuals and maintain treasures off individuals but her Sis Tilly along with her mermaid pal Princess Oona.

There is an inferior third element of Sofia’s personality you to definitely she tries to cover up: The lady vulnerable, scared, and you will worried area. Several times Sofia’s vulnerable side makes this lady matter in the event the she it really is belongs together with her regal friends and family. This lady has a propensity to care about her very own self-worthy of and in case she will be able to manage becoming good little princess. If you find yourself she doesn’t get frightened tend to, whenever she really does she’ll dump the the woman count on, that may produce troubles on her behalf.

Physical appearance

Sofia was a lovely litttle lady that have reasonable body, rosy face, thin pink lips, light blue sight, and you may neck-size wavy auburn locks (one to she often she gels an excellent ponytail).

She always wears an effective little princess clothes from a great lilac bodice trimmed in two contours out-of pearls on the front and you will along side neckline and you will wings into dress, a beneficial pearl-hemmed and you can studded lilac petaled dress which have a-row of great lace drops and you can trumpets for each developed like a several-leaf clover otherwise mix into the an effective nimbus, and you can a yellow petticoat with a beneficial lilac band; a great swirly tiara inset which have pink sapphires, white pearls, and you will good turquoise diamond; violet slippers having bows and you can middle pumps; therefore the royal family members’ Amulet of Avalor, a giant flames opal get rid of cabochon into the an effective swirly silver support topped which have around three sapphires as well as on a gold necklace covered more amethyst kidney beans. Regarding airplane pilot for her debutante basketball how to hookup in Saskatoon her gown had hard lacework to the arms and fourteen scrolls and you will critical cloverleaves on the for each and every nimbus.

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