So far, I’ve always had a five-star rating!

So far, I’ve always had a five-star rating!

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Chizuru Ichinose ( ? ?? ? ? ? ???, Ichinose Chizuru ? ), instead known as Chizuru Mizuhara ( ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? , Mizuhara Chizuru ? ) within her “leasing wife” image, is the chief women protagonist of your Kanojo, Okarishimasu series. This woman is a scholar from the Nerima College or university who’s majoring inside the Literature and you will she currently resides in Space 204 regarding Royal Mountains Nerima, just near to Kazuya Kinoshita.

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Chizuru has actually sides-size chestnut-brownish locks which is most notably fastened with bangs hanging towards the best top and you may light brown vision.

When posing due to the fact a diligent college student, she wears glasses, a beneficial butterfly attachment and you may she sporting events double braided locks. It is afterwards showed that she comes with attention troubles and you can she spends a pair of lenses whenever she actually is not going out with the girl friends.

The woman demonstration try represented as actually good madonnna; having a beauty you could merely ever before think of having; white clothing, make-up, and you will jewelry.


At first, Chizuru with ease results in due to the fact most form and you may considerate, and this positively shocks anyone who takes into account renting, and you will makes them offer high ratings so you can this lady. But not, she will be able to getting a little irritable, sharp and you will brash, possesses a great calculative streak, since viewed when she dislikes when the woman studies go lower. She shows that it edge of their to the people she hates or needs to put up with, particularly Kazuya, just who offers this lady a reduced score when he discovers you to definitely she snacks her customers with the exact same generosity she got shown toward your.

That being said, other than that it, Chizuru is a genuinely kind-hearted individual. This will be shown when she notices people in you prefer or whenever Kazuya means this lady let. The woman legitimate kindness is even seen whenever she will get friends having Sumi, and she facilitate this lady getting most readily useful in the their employment.

She will get annoyed when Kazuya raises her to his granny. Chizuru advised Kazuya instantly to inform his grandmother that they bankrupt upwards, but she’d blush as well as have embarrassed whenever she hears Kazuya speaking regarding their together with his grandmother.

Considering Chizuru’s grandma, Sayuri Ichinose, she was previously a good ‘clingy crybaby’, something she’s got defeat over the years. Still, there clearly was a chance you to definitely she simply covers it with her prime facade as much as anyone else.

Through the her elizabeth a little rebellious, and sometimes battled having males. However, their grandfather led the girl to trust within her goals and get somebody who support someone. It lead to Chizuru greatly focusing on is an actress whenever she located Sayuri’s old Digital video disc.

When Sayuri was seemingly next to the girl avoid, Chizuru suggests a lot more of the girl weakened side, and you can she will not deal with a great ‘sad truth’ immediately following Kazuya had decided to give up keeping the fresh new lie when he felt guilty to keep lying so you can a passing individual. The newest trauma of the sad truth is from how sad she try throughout the their spirit so you’re able to pursue on her fantasy and you will wishing the lady grandpa observe the girl before their passing about accident.


  • The name Chizuru mode “thousand” (?, chu? ) and “crane” (?, tsuru/zuru? ).
  • An ancient Japanese legend claims whenever someone collapsed one thousand origami cranes, they’ll be offered a should of the gods, such as for instance data recovery off an illness, that is likely a reference to Sayuri Ichinose’s disease.

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