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You can also opt for a KnowledgeHut’s web developer online course. Besides, it would help if you also had a grasp on non-relational databases and relational databases . Hopefully, the top backend technologies we explained above would help backend tech developers in making the right decision. This guide shared one of the best back end technologies with readers. We considered TIOBE Index, Stack Overflow Developer Survey, and web technology survey of W3Techs to fetch statistical data regarding server-side technologies.

PHP Back-End Engineer

PHP has already released multiple versions since it was launched. It’s important to review your candidate’s knowledge about the language and its trends throughout the years. Even with the emergence of hundreds of other languages, PHP still stands out as the most reliable and flexible language to create a website. Whatever type of software project it is, PHP presents some great solutions for it. PHP is pretty flexible and most websites use it for that very reason. It can also interact with different database languages and can run on Windows, Unix, and Linux servers.

Strangely enough, it makes up the foundation of a lot of current popular websites. To further understand this, let’s first learn the basics of what PHP is. Courses are available to help you understand design skills as a backend developer.

Currently we are three engineers taking care of architecting, implementing and monitoring core functionalities. Each engineer takes projects from A to Z including initial exploration, system design documentation and implementation. Each of us in the team has very different interests within our working domain, this way there is always room for nerdy discussions. Jumia offers unique opportunities in a vibrant and booming environment, creating new jobs, new skills, and empowering a new generation.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make for a back-end developer’s vital skillset. Though front-end developers mostly use them, they are essential inclusions in your back-end developer skills list. We could have listed our products on a number of marketplaces, but we wanted to own our brand and build relationships with our customers, along with selling our goods. We soon realized a number of other stores were in need of a hassle-free platform to build their retail business, and Shopify was born. FullStack1001 is a software development and graphic design boutique owned by a Switzerland based company. We operate in the heart of Tirana and are growing our business step-by-step.

Hence, you must have a strong foundation as a back-end developer, which makes you capable of doing your job with perfection. Back-end development PHP Back-End Engineer job refers to designing, altering, and fixing the software part of a website. It is the part that the typical users don’t see while using a site.

Top 10 Backend Technologies You Should Know

Two of the most recognized positions for API information are XML and JSON. Join us and drive the back-end development of our product, driving engineering delivery as part of the team. You will work closely with our talented engineering team and product managers to deliver a high quality product.

PHP Back-End Engineer

It is taking over Java for the development of android applications, and its demand is increasing day-by-day. Over 60% of android app developers are using Kotlin at the backend. PHPis a leading server-side scripting technology that was introduced by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. This open-source backend technology is commonly used for websites. Around 79.1% of websites on the internet use PHP as server-side technology, according to a recent survey of W3Techs. Tech businesses like Esty, Airbnb, and Shopify are using Ruby as backend scripting technology due to its object-oriented, scalability, and flexible programming features.

Essential Skills Of Back End Development

It is a field that refers to the behind-the-scene activities that happen when someone acts on a website. You can build high-performance systems accessing vast libraries of its JVM & JavaScript runtimes. Scala is interoperable with Java because it runs on JVM and can mix both languages’ code to give an ultimate solution.

  • Browse through and apply for the latest work from home and remote PHP programming jobs from the best remote companies in the world.
  • You will work closely with our talented engineering team and product managers to deliver a high quality product.
  • As you work toward deciding what career path you want to take, you’ll also be deciding what your educational path looks like.
  • It enables anyone to start a business without worrying about inventory.
  • One of the best projects to pick is the one that requires the real-time exchange of data between the backend infrastructure and the client.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make for a back-end developer’s vital skillset.

With the overflowing demand for developers, you’ll have a very difficult time finding good candidates for your project. The shortage of developer talents makes it ten times more challenging to add dedicated workers to your team. PHP developers can conveniently update existing websites with ease because most sites that run on PHP have an easy-to-comprehend database. Because PHP is an open-source technology, startups can easily create their website with minimal expense. It’s easy to download PHP development tools without breaking the bank. This famous content management system was written in PHP and takes full advantage of all its features.

The backend is the programmer’s code that deals with server-side operations, including CRUD functions with database and all server logic. Keep reading to discover more web development backend technologies. Continue reading to learn more web development backend technologies. Please read the articleRuby Frameworks to know more about this programming language. Keep reading to discover some of the the best back end technologies. Rubyis another open-source backend technology that was designed by Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 1990s.

How To Host A Javascript Application?

The famous photo website is one of the biggest resources for various graphics, images, and visuals. It’s the number one resource for bloggers, professionals, and students to collect free visuals to use in their projects. And PHP happens to play a key role in the creation of this website.

It is one of the oldest programming languages and an extension to C++. In other words, PaaS facilitates the backend developers with both software and hardware resources to deploy, host & build the server-side of an application. Businesses and developers don’t only want to know about the best backend technologies to build their apps.

We also take time to find better ways to work, use new tools and adopt new technologies — for us, this is an essential part of work. Knowledge shares happen every 4 weeks and everyone can present their topic of choice. Top 5 software developer interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates.

Back End Developer Interview Questions

But finding the right developer to do it, well, is a whole other story. The reason why programming languages exist is for us to communicate effectively with computers. Over the years, these languages have evolved drastically in their functionalities. Our client is a leading SaaS booking software provider in the tours and activities industry, active since 2010. Our business goes beyond an API or technical product, it creates solutions which make the daily life of our clients easier and happier.

You should know certain things to create a fruitful career as a back-end developer. So, here are some more skills you need to possess besides learning about C# backend developer skills. A server is a medium that is most commonly used to deliver essential services. Therefore, you must have proper knowledge about the working of the servers. Consequently, it is an essential element for a backend developer to learn.

To know more about it and understand how to accelerate backend development, please read the articleBaaS – Understanding a Backend as a Service. The majority of operating syntax and data is backlogged and obtained in the backend of any application. This guide will share the top 10 backend technologies, features, limitations, and further details comprehensively.

In addition, this fully managed PaaS platform also helps to avoid distractions, including hardware, infrastructure and servers’ maintenance. Cloud Functions —It is very smooth to adjoin business logic with your application while using Back4App. In this regard, you can rely on JavaScript and connect it with authentication and a database.

Job Description

If so, you may also be interested to know more about the best backend frameworks. It is a bit harder for the programmers to understand the type of information as it is not done at the developer end. Scalais a high-level language that combines object-oriented & functional programming to make it more concise.

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